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Tape Printing

Sell Cheap Printing Duct Tape in Surabaya. Not only is it very useful for product safety, printing duct tape is also different from other companies. Today more and more companies are utilizing printing duct tape to enhance the company's brand image. Even small companies today are increasingly understanding the importance of brand image.

We Sell Cheap Printing Duct Tape in Surabaya of various sizes and types of printing duct tape and serve printing duct tape. Printing tape that says your company name or logo will add to the selling value of your product. You can determine the color, type and size of the printing tape that will be used as printing media.

We use high-tech printing machines that are able to produce printing tape in large quantities to meet the needs of client companies. In addition, our company is also supported by experienced and professional staff.

PT. Nagata Mitra Perkasa Sell Cheap Printing Tape in Surabaya, is one of the supporting tools in packaging that is used as an additional security device in the form of cardboard packaging, cardboard and other packaging forms. This printing tape is considered very important because in the process of shipping, the packaging will be at risk of being reversed, dropped or torn due to sharp objects. Especially if the shipping distance is quite far from the original location.

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